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wear your happy memories in handmade sand charms

why sand?

sand is the most basic element of nature, and has no personal meaning till you give it one ..
sand from a place you love, filled with memorable stories and feelings, like your honeymoon beach, or the beach where you proposed or first met ..
Stay updated with our sand capital collection .. we’re building the largest sand collection in history.

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  • 14


    what your jewelry style reveals about you

    Post by Aanyeh / 4 Comments

    have you ever wondered what your choice of jewelry says about you? “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” oh, how true that statement is! well, jewelry is...

  • 09


    the power of beach sands on your brain

    Post by Aanyeh / No Comments

    just like power stones, sand has true power, and sand beaches always proofs that! all-day long our brains are downloading information from the sensory world. we are constantly bombarded with information for...

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