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    what your jewelry style reveals about you

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    have you ever wondered what your choice of jewelry says about you? “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” oh, how true that statement is! well, jewelry is just one of the ways that people identify themselves to others. why? jewelry is one of the earliest forms of body decoration. at […]

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    the power of beach sands on your brain

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    just like power stones, sand has true power, and sand beaches always proofs that! all-day long our brains are downloading information from the sensory world. we are constantly bombarded with information for our brain to process from the outside world – things we see, hear, or touch. here are 5 scientific facts about what sand […]

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    top 5 sand beaches in the world

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    are you a sea fan? do you really know how to connect with the sea through its sand? carefully selected, here are the top sand beaches in the world 1. hyams beach in new south wales, australia hyams beach in australia, is a beach bum’s dream that lures with it stunning white sand and turquoise […]

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